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For taking pictures of small packshot products (product photo studio) a bottom and lighting quality are required, mainly to avoid reflect surrounding objects on metal surfaces.

To achieve these pictures itself with the means at hand, I found a very useful information on the net: the gas can! So basically just a can of gasoline slightly translucent white (most are) and make a greater cutting the size of your goal.

The container is placed under a flash powerful enough light source, remote, lamp, window, which gives a comprehensive and diffused light.

Its object is placed in the can we spend our objective in the hole, the bottom of the container in form reproduced infinitely.

Given the narrowness of the work area such pictures is reserved for a small objects and targets the area of ​​focus which is very short, so generally macro lenses.

For example photos I use a Tamron 90mm macro or 50 mm with an extension ring that allows me to reduce the area of ​​development and that gives me a 1/1 classic.

Of course we can find cans of larger size to increase the work area, it will therefore increase the light on.

Here are some photos taken in the "lightbox", these photos are only present to show the type of light produced by this system, I would take more time to make some more pictures when I have thought a little time at my disposal. The photos were processed in the excellent and free RawShooter which allows to "develop" its raw files desaturation was applied to photos.

Pictures taken with the "lightbox" packshot Photos of the "lightbox" packshot

50 Responses to "Packshot small objects"

  1. sebastien Says:

    Super pictures. But if you have a compact that does not manages the raw format, how can we do?
    Thank you

  2. Ben Says:

    The raw is not mandatory, it simply provides a dynamic meillieure a picture, a shot at sub photoshop will do just as well ;)

  3. sebastien Says:

    thank you :)
    one last thing: what were the settings of your device? (Iso etc)

  4. Ben Says:

    Are present in the EXIF ​​photo :)

  5. Mittet Jean-Baptiste Says:

    If I may ...
    I regret to tell you that this is not the packshot that ...
    The packshot is to be descriptive and not have shadows or blur ...
    Bye ...

  6. Ben Says:

    JB thank you for this good point, anyway the goal here was to show a simple and inexpensive way to take pictures of small objects.

    If I had a little closed my diaph and added a source in the box I entered your definition ;)

  7. Mittet Jean-Baptiste Says:

    Actually ...
    Anyway ... I think it's pretty. :)

  8. Pierre-Henri Says:

    Hello, frankly on this page and some others, I am "stuck" with the technique, tips and humility that emerges from it all. Hats off! Congratulations.

  9. Pierre-Henri Says:

    ... In particular the advice of the "concert" page. I'll put it to good use.

  10. Mathieu M Says:

    Thank you to share your techniques, it's really nice.

    Your photos of examples shows that many things are possible with this method. I'll try as possible dice.

    Good luck!

  11. Peter G. Says:

    Very good idea to introduce this system, it can hardly be less effective and price is unbeatable, and then I like the site in general.
    Come on, a good day and more photos.

  12. Rick Says:

    Personally, I find the idea of ​​a lighter in a gas can, it is the bomb !!! ;)
    Thank you for sharing all these tips.

  13. jerome Says:


    I was wondering if you used it as your can of gasoline / light box for your portraits? And so for your portraits always (I think this is your most successful pictures) you used a flash or continuous light?

    Congratulations anyway.

  14. Ben Says:

    Hi jérome, people I work with are usually quite large and hard to get into my gas tank ;)

    For often portraits of natural light, and sometimes flash :)

  15. Faustine Says:

    Hi Ben,

    And if we can not how can we have a close result like? This is my case and I bcp hurt to succeed, I use a white background overexposed but I feel it makes me lose my subject matter.

  16. Benjamin Says:

    say that here the interest is based on the use of this bottle, there are solution based light tents, the principle is always the same; infinite for the background and a maximum of scattering material :)

  17. ia web Says:

    Why did you put that black and white? and not colored object ... I can be the answer. but I expect to see

  18. Benjamin Says:

    Simply because the images were not sufficiently "clean" to be proposed, saying the goal was simply to show a well diffused light, when I have some time I would do something more built ;) The objects were also very lightly colored, black and white metal

  19. Damascus Says:

    Benjamin thank you for your articles that are both highly technical and very affordable for the Neophyte.
    I am inspired by your container and from a translucent plastic box curver kind (I have not found a can), I already get very good results. A small request, could you complete the section by the shema positionnatn / light sources in order to understand how you build your light? I'm sure it would help me a lot and I can not seem to get their hands on this article ...

  20. IMO Says:


    Thank you for the tip !!! Except that I have a little problem ... I can not find tin: / or you have found?

  21. Samuel MARTIN Says:

    Thank you for the art. I try as soon as I have time.

  22. jerometahiti Says:

    Hi and thank you for the advice. : Smile:

    Question: What do you use extension tube with your D50?


  23. Samuel Lorette Says:


    I would be very interested to do this kind of photography. I find it hard to see the size of the container you used. Do not you have a picture of it in action?

    Anyway cheers for the site, great pictures, great technical part, bravo!

  24. Benjamin | photob Says:

    Hello Samuel, the size of the container should allow an object to return : Lol:

  25. Portrait of flower: the making-of - 2 - lighting "PHOTOS_PK Says:

    [...] The trick phony Simple and convenient: the use of a plastic container recovery to replace free light tent [...]

  26. Bullette Says:


    you said above that the raw is not mandatory and it simply offers a better dynamic and photoshop will do the rest.
    I'm not too agree except on "the raw is not mandatory."
    The raw file is an uncompressed, more clearly, the file can then be reworked into a log done without altered the image.


  27. Olouf Says:

    Hi, I put the question that seems unanswered = D
    But it can, the famous, or it comes from? I toured the chip shops, they only have 5L or 10L, it's still small, I also tried to a garage, but the state of the container leaves something to be desired on the "white" : Mrgreen:

    If you can give a track : Razz:
    Thank you, and congratulations for your work

  28. Benjamin | photob Says:

    Hi, I found mine in a DIY store : Smile:

  29. Jerome Gallecier Says:

    I used a bidonn of washer fluid and it's fine.


    : Lol:

  30. Chris Says:

    See in pharmacies, some still have cans of 25 l alcoll, it's clean

  31. Olouf Says:

    Ah yes not stupid!
    I had to see the restaurants, the idea unclog an oil can or feel the curd is bleak : Grin:
    For those who are lucky enough to have a beautiful wine region, in general, all these products are in cans and large capacity : Smile:

  32. olive Says:

    Excellent tip! he was thinking ... :) thank you for this light! ;)

  33. Joel Says:

    See cans of oil for domestic heating (all services free or DIY store)

  34. Denis Says:

    No way to find this bottle !! weeks I want.
    Help !!

  35. Marie Says:


    I have a small 5L, this is done :)
    But my problem is that I have a canon 17-55mm home, and I must be at least 28cm of oject for the development work. How can I do this without buying a new goal?
    Thank you

  36. Benjamin | photob Says:


    An extension tube allows you to have a focused closer spot :)

  37. Marie Says:


    How do I know the brand and model the price of this extension ring? Because I do not really know anything : Oops:

    Thank you.

  38. Alexis Says:

    look toward Kenko which offers a set of tube (12/20 / 36mm) which have a very good quality / price ratio (and maintain automation)

  39. Marie Says:

    Ok, thank you.
    Another question: with this, I can take pictures in the can? It makes me a focus to how many centimeters? Thank you.

  40. Denis Says:

    vein can:
    I found mine at the floor as total wash Waterloo in Uccle (near Avenue Fre)
    cans are used for the rims product and the person in charge - that accumulated tins - nothing better than to see from one or two!
    So if you are looking desperately like me, go there!

  41. Flav Says:

    I wanted to thank you for your technical translucent bottle, I could make shots knife a super quality and super customer was satisfied. It does not replace course studio equipment but at the reflections that's fine. There are pro muslin tent systems for large format but I really want to try with a PVC tank of 1000 liters and three torches (2 side and above).
    If I can do you a favor or give you a tutorial on a subject, it will be with pleasure.


  42. Sandrine Says:


    For cans, there is way to find a fuel pump, new. Me this is where I go.

    Thank you for the tutorial : Smile:

  43. vimagini Says:

    Super idea of ​​the drum and much cheaper than a photo studio! I just have a quick question, I am a jewelry designer silver and I think black backgrounds make much better ... is that the quality will be good tjs if I add a black background that can only keeping the sides side and top original white ???
    I just bought an Olympus E420 digital SLR, do you pouriez also advise me on the choice of settings for photos of jewelry I have a 25mm optical and ???
    Thank you and Happy New Year to all.

  44. Fabien Says:

    Great idea! :): Mrgreen:

  45. kay Says:


    What about Halide lamps or metal halide lamps French?



    It generates less heat than halogen lighting and provided light to look natural, as it is less expensive than the lights of photographers, it's tempting, but I await your advice.

    Thank you for your help!

  46. Caromeli Says:

    Hello Ben!
    Can I advise you tracing paper large format also to make the box, but maybe you already know the trick.
    It's cheap and it allows you to take pictures with larger objects. I have made 3 pans and lids, it works well.
    External flash mounted on the camera and lamp type "halogen" outside. Not the top as a lamp but the result was not bad!
    Thank you anyway for all your advice, it will serve me!
    : Mrgreen:
    @ More

  47. Lisa Says:

    I wanted to know how many liters is the container used?
    Thank you :)

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  49. Fabjoueauxlego Says:

    I who was looking for a way to take pictures of LEGO! Thank you for this very very useful and informative

  50. Marie Says:

    Thank you for the tip, I'll try it right away.

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