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Kim & Jeff Wedding - Bali

November 26th, 2009


2009 was a year with a lot of weddings (and it is not finished) As I explain on my site, what I love about weddings is the variety of situations and people who are there to share a moment to celebrate, there are lots of different photographic occasions.

I will talk more in detail about any marriage that marked me most this year (of course with the permission of the question).
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Vicky marriage and Stefaan

December 8th, 2008


I told myself that I would post more series on marriage, it is quite difficult for me to make a choice between post 10 good images that are not quite representative of a report more than 18 hours offer over 100 images.

It is clear that offering a large number of images some are minimized in the flood. plus représentative, je reste attentifs a vos commentaires donc n'hésitez pas ! Lire la suite de cet article » Maybe I should be offering 20 images by posting them directly in the article and see the rest for those who wish to take a look at a more representative series, I remain attentive to your comments so do not hesitate! Read the rest of this article "

Valerie Laurent wedding

October 20th, 2008

Valerie and Laurent contacted me to cover their wedding on October 18 on the advice of Gabriel that I covered the wedding in June .

Difficult to introduce this type of article without reiterate what I said in the introduction section for the marriage of Fatima and Gabriel: Read the rest of this article »

When we try to have a portable, lightweight standalone solution for artificial lighting a minimum working example in the context of a portrait, the flashgun is self-evident.

This allows you to walk around with a mobile mini studio in his camera bag, the goal is obviously not to replace a real studio but to provide a solution for specific needs, the benefits are many: Read the rest of this article »

Fatima marriage Gabriel

June 22nd, 2008

Fatima and Gabriel contacted me on the advice of Dati (faithful reader of the blog according to him :) ) To cover their wedding this Saturday, June 21, 08.

We met for the first time to determine the needs of each milestone to the proper "feel" people and their expectations: No kitsch, no selective desaturation (it's good I think it's atrocious, part image in color and the other in black and white), full of life with a photo reportage maintaining aesthetic approach. Read more of this article »