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qui traite majoritairement de photos avec des flash déportés et pas mal d'inventivité ) qui donne pas mal de conseils de prise de vue avec la plupart du temps des vidéos explicatives postées par différentes personnes. I regularly visit the site very good strobist (blog that deals mostly with photo flash and deported a lot of inventiveness) that gives a lot of advice from shooting mostly explanatory videos posted by different people.

Videos are always a plus for me they allow to pass a lot of information and give very specific ideas of shooting conditions. . In order to share with you is always a little more, I decided to put me gently to make some videos for the blog.

est que si on attends quelque chose de comparable en terme de qualité (piqué profondeur de champs, gestion de la haute sensibilité) en vidéo , on peut directement vendre un rein . The video ca been a while since this attracts me, the problem when you're used to the photo is that if something comparable is expecting in terms of quality (dive depth of field, management of the high sensitivity) in video, we can directly sell a kidney.

This leaves me with three choices:

clairement inutile pour poster quelques vidéos “simples” sur le web). Good camera with interchangeable lenses (a kidney for sale and clearly unnecessary to post a few "simple" videos on the web).

sens inutile pour la finalité (faire du web). 600 euros a camera that will give me a decent quality but I feel useless for the purpose (to the web).

A compact with a video mode. I am looking for something simple, equivalent disposable picture, no settings, easily transportable to slide into the camera bag.

Camera (ultra) a déjà conquis le marché des caméras vidéo avec 13 % de part de marché dans sa première année de distribution , pour une raison très simple ; la simplicité. During this time in the USA, the Flip Camera (Ultra) has already conquered the market for video cameras with 13% market share in its first year of distribution, for a simple reason, simplicity. So here's a quick summary of the product given the limited information found in French on the canvas.

  • Very small screen (1.5 inches)
  • No photo mode
  • No menus
  • No settings
  • No optical viewfinder
  • No effect
  • No memory card
  • Resolution 640/480 30 FPS
  • Internal capacity of 30 or 60 minutes
  • Battery supply pencils

sur un concept très simple, les caméras actuelles sont trop grandes pour partager des moments simples, il faut charger les batteries, penser à vider ses cartes mémoires / cassettes DV, prendre avec l'armada de câbles , le sac vidéo , il faut ensuite importer les vidéos , les compresser, ect …, le flip passe partout, ça sent le produit solide et bien conçu . The flip was designed on a very simple concept, current cameras are too large to share simple moments, charge the batteries, think of emptying its memory cards / DV, taken with the armada of cables, video bag It must then import the video, compress, ect ... the flip goes everywhere, it feels solid and well designed product.

The video quality in good light is comparable to that of a compact, low light is excellent and the flip cameras exceeds 10 times its price. The flip was minimized, we light two seconds later recorded.

), on enfonce un bouton et un connecteur USB fait son apparition, donc pas besoin de trimballer son câblage avec soi. To copy the video to your computer (mac, win), it pushes a button and a USB connector makes its appearance, so no need to lug around with the wiring itself.

pas nouveau, mais c'est le premier à proposer cette simplicité avec une qualité vidéo /son réellement au rendez-vous . The concept of flip (an expensive gadget with not a very rudimentary quality, all as simple as possible) is certainly not new, but it is the first to offer this simplicity with quality video / sound really waiting for you.

sur le flip , donc cela permet d'éditer vos vidéos et de les partager depuis n'importe quel ordinateur et ceci sans rien installer, le logiciel permet d' uploader directement sur votre compte youtube . A video editing software is pre-installed on the flip, so it allows you to edit your videos and share them from any computer and without installing anything, the software allows you to upload directly to your YouTube account.

To top it up is simple, we insert two batteries pencils (prefer rechargeable high capacity for more autonomy).

pour la version de 30 minutes. The price is $ 149 for the version with 60 minutes, $ 99 for the 30-minute version.

l'air vraiment génial ! You can buy on the site another very nice accessory: $ 49 for a "box" waterproof and having seen a few videos on the web ca looks really great!

se serait étonnant de ne pas le voir débarquer en Europe dans les mois qui suivent. I ordered mine via Ebay, I searched in vain for a distributor in Europe, given the success of the US flip would surprising not see it land in Europe in the coming months.

! The flip is now in my camera bag and accompany me in my next pictures, so future videos!

Site officiel avec des vidéos dispos Pus info on the flip Official site with videos arranged

By David Pogue of the NY Times

29 Responses to "Flip Ultra, the video for the blogger"

  1. tom Says:

    Erf, more convenient than the cam of your Mac ;)
    And again, an idea that breaking up ... ::::

    I'll have to wait for me to be on it ... I support that not to be photographed : Lol:: Lol:

    See you tomorrow :)

  2. Matahi Says:

    Hi Benjamin,

    The great "idea makingof video you're shooting and tutorios.

    see you soon

  3. Jeje road Says:

    Hi, it's been a while since I follow you (on this blog and HFR), it's just weird to see you in real life : Oops:
    In any case good idea Flip, well that would tempt me to buy one because I want a small camera in this kind for some time.
    Good luck.

  4. Twane Says:

    You forgot to put your blinker !!! : Lol:
    The next video is what? A parachute jump with the flip and D3?
    Anyway, nice quality! And it is true that it is not too compressed and ca is managing the backlight anyway!

  5. Delphine Says:

    Ppppooowww pow pow !!!!

    Tutorials in videos !!! Can not wait!
    But why is it so nice? ;)

    Thank you for the little tour of your neighborhood in Belgium, I liked the way or the kid throws the ball to another kid right behind your car ;)

  6. David Says:

    Impossible to see the video at home ...

    Anyway it's a great idea the video is a great way to illustrate and explain, I'm anxious to see the videos.

  7. Electronick Says:

    Still a great idea!
    I look after :-)

  8. MickymX Says:

    Nice to see and hear a blogger ^^
    The nice little brat who smashes the car with the ball behind : D

    Great idea, sometimes more interesting live than to decipher even if it is done well. The video quality really seems correct: What is the weight of this video for example?

  9. Benjamin | photob Says:

    tom: clearly, the isight of the mac is great but it's less transportable :)

    Matahi: thank you!

    Jeje: :)

    Twane: it is silent ;) The quality is quite compressed for the web, I'll post a sample tomorrow in full def :)

    Delphine: BECAUSE! gonna do well to crush a lil child live ...

    David: You have an error message?

    Electronick: :)

    MickymX: I would put a video in Téléchargment tomorrow

  10. Patrice Says:

    Superb idea Benjamin

    I can not wait like others to see what happens.
    Bert Stephani tutorials as I hope.


  11. Bertrand Says:

    Ben here. That's all that was missing from your site! I look forward to the VDO-Tut! : Mrgreen:

  12. Oli Says:

    Great idea! I am very atirer by tutauriaux filmed on photographic technique ... it helps to understand what is happening and it's much more enjoyable to follow as a textesur écrean ...
    A nice development perspective !!!

  13. David Says:

    [...] Imposible to see the video in my [...]

    It came back, probably a problem on the side of Vimeo.

    Anyway I'm quite amazed by the quality of the video in compressed format, I too would like to see what happens in High Def and I look impatient the first tutorials.

  14. 50mm Says:

    A very good idea anyway.
    So nice to see you in person.
    Strongly tutorials and the first pictures of D3! : Mrgreen:

  15. Wildebeest Says:

    Good to see you tell us things, a step was taken between static pictures and these little videos that you will do us know.

    I hate to see the "raw sensor" sample of the camera, the product interests me a lot especially with this story of waterproof case!

  16. MickymX Says:

    Well I just found the full screen button and the video ... Metro is bluffing.

  17. krysalia Says:

    Great idea these videos : Grin:

  18. ksh Says:

    I must have 3 grams of alcohol in every vein when I wrote you, I saw you a video (well I looked at my screen what ...) and the idea is GIGANTISSIMA and I will no plagierai scruples on this one (knowing that I had the idea to do this for some time but without any means to achieve it but you found !!).
    I would write a few things more substantial when I'm sober.
    Go hi artist!
    a +

  19. ksh Says:

    Tack a kid threw a ball on a car in your video !!
    The soloupiotte !!

  20. cede Says:

    ahaaaaaaaaa : Mrgreen:

  21. Alain Says:

    ben good now that I know where you live, I can spend a night borrow D3 : Mrgreen:


  22. Sophie Says:

    Good idea and very friendly the sharing of video tutorials shortly.
    You say it's pretty packed. I find the quality not bad at all (see the video in the subway).
    Good investment that camera.
    I look forward to see your videos, like any other.

  23. Dati Says:

    Nice nice idea :-)

    I hope so you got a good web hosting because if you launch you into this ... Clearly it will dramatically increase the traffics to your site.
    Already your tutorials are very good but if it passes the video now ... :-)

    Otherwise, to say anything else about your video that the kid who canarde cars with his ball. Why you did not think to dailymotion for hosting?
    They are not only hosting the HD now, but you make more money and more visibility on the net since the platform is also known as youtube.

    Anyway like the other ... looking forward to see it all in tutorial ;-)

    See you


  24. Benjamin | photob Says:

    Patrice: Yep that's the point!

    Oli: thank you

    David: It really gives a lot :)

    50mm: It's coming!

    Wildebeest: Yep, I like when that barrier is crossed!

    MickymX: Vimeo compresses not bad, but it's still very nice

    krysalia: We laugh but we do not laugh : D

    ksh: Me did well laugh your video : Grin:

    Sophie: Thanks!

    Dati: The vids are hostées Vimeo therefore not impact traffic, accommodation Meal for HD, it's only for HD videos (flip it's 640X480) for visibility it is a good idea from at the moment I have quality content (a dig so)

    Note funny ksh has obviously bought a Flip!


  25. ksh Says:

    The video is to be taken in an ironic sense, not plagiarize I thoroughly our friend Benjamin, I want to clarify : D
    Congratulations for this discovery it makes systems much more interactive site, and the lazy who do not read the articles no longer have an excuse now ...


  26. Twan Says:

    You bought it where?


  27. Philippe Says:

    Well done : Eek:

  28. Twan Says:

    with the decline or no gadget gadget?

  29. Mathieu Says:

    I would like or I buy little thank you to Avence buy one can tell me qu'elq'un

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